Soulce' - Giovanni grida in buona compagnia - The Remixes

by Soulce'

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"Soulcè is a promising young rapper from Ragusa. Omnivorous and curios listener, his music is a synthesis of the most important passions of his life: italian songwriting tradition, hip hop culture, soul music and, last but not least , acting.
"Giovanni Grida solo per la via " indeed, is a perfect concentrate of all these elements.(

Smania Uagliuns , Jimmy Wise and Twelveforever have dismembered this song to sew it again into 3 remixes stuffed with their own vision of music.

Smania Uagliuns is an eclectic band that masters all the nuances of urban and black music. In this remix they spread Soulcè smooth vocals, on what starts as an old school beat, but then evolves into an electronic and rock - oriented sound.
The add of back vocals amplifies the impact of the hook. The blend of a fat drum and dope analog synthesizers gives nastiness to the remix that reaches its climax in the final psychedelic guitar solo. (

Jimmy Wise is a bright sicilian beatmaker whose production mixes all the genres that shaped his music background: hip hop, reggae, dub and the new electronics and wonky sounds. His Remix draws from electronic music to use it in a sort of modern swing pattern. The bouncy beat is enriched by Gianni Lofrano (from Smania Uagliuns) keys arrangement . (

Twelveforever used to produces with the alias of Knobbuttons, but suddenly he understood that life is short and to make music you need to remain a child. His remix is almost all sample based. The drums are a mix of italian pasta with tuna, kicks with techno decay and snares squantized by the metrics. (


released July 29, 2011




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